CreateStudio 3 vs Breakout Clips Scroll Stopper Video Ads

In this era of digital video marketing, every business wants to grab the attention of its audience to generate more and more sales. In order to do that, video ads are quite famous. There’s a kind of video ad, that is called a scroll stopper video ad. Let’s discuss how scroll-stopper video ads on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat or Pinterest can help your business to achieve exponential growth levels.


What is Scroll Stopper Video Ads?

Scroll-stopper video ads are usually attention-grabbing square video adverts, exclusively designed for social media platforms to reach more audiences, even with lower advertising budgets.

How Scroll Stopper Video Ads Can Be Made?

There are plenty of ways to create engaging and eye-catching scroll-stopper video ads to promote your business on social media platforms. The most famous tools that could help you create amazing scroll stoppers are CreateStudio and Breakout Clips.

CreateStudio 3 Pro vs Breakout Clips Scroll Stopper

CreateStudio 3 Pro has recently rolled out its latest scroll stoppers update with 50 brand new video templates that you can edit and adjust according to your needs. With these scroll-stopper videos, you will be able to grab the attention of your audience and they are likely to take action which will definitely help you generate more income. There’s an ongoing deal for a limited time and you can get all 50 scroll-stopper video templates for just $100.

System Requirements for CreateStudio 3 Pro Software

CreateStudio 3 requires installation on Windows or Mac computers.

  • Apple: macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later
  • Windows: Windows 7 and later
  • RAM: 4GB (Recommended 8GB or more)
  • Hard Disk Space: 4GB for program installation (would need even more if downloading all our available assets)
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later; AMD Radeon R5 or later.
Introducing our new Bobble Heads (Ft. Her Majesty the Queen)

Prior to that, you must own CreateStudio 3 Pro commercial license which is only $67 one time, using this link.

  • Lifetime access: CreateStudio 3 Pro software
  • Create UNLIMITED Videos
  • Commercial use license
  • Install on up to 2 devices
  • Doodle sketch creator

You can also subscribe to an optional CreateStudio 3 Pro All Access Pass for only $37 a month which will give you access to this many features:

  • 50 Done for you templates
  • 50 Scroll Stopper video ads Templates
  • 8x free 3D Animated Characters
  • 20x Free 2D Animated Characters
  • 30+ Backgrounds
  • 100+ Animated Emoji’s
  • Green screen color removal
  • Create gorgeous explainer videos
  • Text-to-speech creator (multiple languages)
  • Linear & radial gradients
  • Pexels + Pixabay royalty-free stock media integration
  • 30 Day risk-free money-back guarantee

Below you can check out the demo videos that are made with the help of CreateStudio Pro, so that it can give you an idea, how powerful and easy it is to work with CreateStudioPro.




On the other side, Breakout Clips is a cloud-based platform dedicated to creating visually appealing and attention grabber scroll stopper video ads for social media platforms.

Breakout Clips - Attention Grabbing Scroll Stopper Video Ads - Top Video Tools

As breakout clips are based on the cloud, so you won’t be required to install any software on your Windows or Mac computer.

CreateStudio allows you to create unlimited videos for a one-time price of $167 (inclusive of 50 ready-made scroll-stopper video ads templates), while breakout clips have a monthly subscription fee of $99.

Will Scroll Stopper Video Ads Help to Get More Business Growth?

Since scroll-stopper videos are meant to grab the attention of the audience, they tend to generate 40% more sales than any other type of video ad.

How to Make More Money with Scroll Stopper Video Ads?

If you are a business owner, using scroll-stopper video ads to promote your products or services will give you a sudden boost in sales, which is likely to increase your income to many folds.

Apart from that, you can also sell your services in freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork, where there is a high demand for engaging high-quality video ads.

People are charging $250 to $450 for such kind of attention-seeking scroll-stopper video ads.


There are a lot of attention-grabbing scroll-stopper video templates that are available inside the Breakout Clips platform. They even offer a lot of predefined characters and animations for customization as per your requirements. You can use a combination of both CreateStudio and Breakout Clips to create awesome attention-grabbing videos for your own business or even for your clients.

To comply with Facebook and other social media network’s ad policies, you will need to remove several likes and reactions from the scroll-stopper video ads, which can be easily done using CreateStudio 3 and Breakout Clips.

✅CreateStudio 3 Big Update with Tons of New Features 2023 2024

Can you make scroll-stopper video ads for us?

At Top Video Tools, I do my best to recommend the best and easy-to-use video tools to help my valued readers. However, if any of you are having trouble creating scroll-stopper video ads, I can help you with engaging and eye-catching scroll-stopper video ads. Just ping me in the comments section or contact me to discuss your project.

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